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Welcome to Scally Magazine

Scally Mag Team

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The connotations surrounding ‘Scally’ are often ones which relate to many imperfections. These imperfections are undoubtedly found in all of us and everything we do.

Scally Magazine was born out of the idea that life isn’t perfect, and we often cannot pursue the things we love or believe in.

We find that at times our ideas, opinions, and imagination can be suffocated through feelings of imprisonment and distraction. The freedom to create is often found wanting.

The great city of Liverpool, and all its history, has endured a collision course through time which has seen different experiences fuse a sense of separatism from the rest of the country amongst many in the city.

Paradoxically, its experience of historic involvement in various areas as a port city has seen us welcome people from all walks of life. This is the great Scouse conundrum.

These encounters have seen Scousers, both native and honorary, foster a spirit of defiance; a defiance which is evident in most of what we do and say. A defiance which is the platform for our thinking.

At Scally Magazine we provide a space for people to have their thoughts, ideas, stories, and opinions on any topic their heart desires be shared through the form of an online article. Everyone is welcome. If you have something to say, we would love to hear it.

Constructive opinions, ideas, and stories are the lifeblood and currency of much of our interaction.

Liverpool and the wider City Region has a lot happening. It always will. Scally Magazine is the vessel through which you, and all the things happening in the city, can be heard.